Situated in the Valpolicella right in the centre of the little town Fumane, the business was born immediately after the first World War as a result of the strong will and hard work of Marco Conati's father. However, the Conati family has been present with their wines on the territory of Verona already for many generations.


Naturally, the quantity of the produced wines is related to the historical moment and the availability of the family business. The selling happened on the basis of verbal propaganda. In 1980 Marco Conati, after having taken his school leaving certificate, increases the volume of production by occupying the position of the merchant in the Valpolicella.


The will to improve the quality of his products induced Marco Conati in the 90s  ulterior selections of the grapes and in the start of a refinement of the production in wood.


The offer of the first bottles from the vintage of 1999 begins: wines of a great structure, which are connected with a historic-classical philosophy.

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